Building The Independent Economy

EP 5 - Soothe‘s John Ellis: How Companies Can Better Meet The Needs of Independent Contractors

October 20, 2021

What are the unique things that come into play when you're an independent contractor versus an employee? 

That's a question John Ellis has asked himself to better serve independent workers' needs. John is the CEO of Soothe, a global platform that connects consumers seeking wellness services with health and personal care providers wishing to grow their business. 

In today's episode we sat down with him to discuss the role of job platforms in the gig economy, what kind of support they should give to independent contractors, and what the main demands are.

Topics discussed in this episode:

  • What Soothe is and what problems they are solving
  • Incentives for independent wellness workers
  • What independent wellness workers were doing before Soothe
  • The challenges of serving customers and independent workers simultaneously
  • Quality controls that help keep trust and safety on the platform 
  • Why wellness providers want to be independent workers
  • Top 3 demands from independent workers
  • What platforms should be doing to better serve independent contractors

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